Join Me On Other Networks

(Man, I felt like a douche just typing that.)

I had a surprisingly inspirational visit to Facebook this afternoon. First, my personal cheerleader sent me a message with a link to her brand new Pinterest page. (Woommate, I’ll link to it if you want, but I thought it best not to without explicit permission :)) She also called me a “blogging ace” in the message, which I thought was lovely. Then I checked my timeline and saw that Brand New had shared a link to an interview that Jesse gave about a week ago. (Not that anyone is surprised to hear this, but the interview made me ridiculously happy. The only way it could’ve made me happier is if Jesse had announced an album release date. But since they haven’t finished writing it yet, that would’ve been kind of difficult.)

Now, how the hell was any of this inspirational? Well, the Jesse Lacey interview was posted on the interviewer’s Tumblr. Which, when combined with my personal cheerleader’s message, finally inspired me to pull the trigger and create my own Tumblr. For everyone’s sanity (myself included), I kept the same username. My Tumblr is pretty bare bones thus far, but I know that I’ve got time to work on it. The hardest part will be remembering to do so, but I see so many awesome things on other people’s Tumblrs that I want to reblog that I think it won’t be that hard.

After my success with the Tumblr I was finally ready to tackle something I’ve wanted to do for ages: change my Twitter username. I’ve told myself that I’d be more active on Twitter if I changed my username to something further from my actual name. So now begins the great experiment of whether or not that’s the case. I couldn’t use kristininprogress as my username because it has too many characters, so I settled on KrissyOy22 (as you can see in the sidebar). I was shocked that KrissyOy had already been taken because it’s one of my old nicknames from college and I never imagined that anyone else would have the same nickname. But apparently someone does. So I had to attach my favorite number that isn’t Pi.

While I’m at it, you can follow me on Instagram as well: kristininprogress.

My next step is to come up with an avatar that I can use across these many networks. Then I’ll try to figure out what kind of original content I can put on Tumblr. (Kind of a big deal since that was always the big question that kept me from joining.) Maybe I’ll go the lazy route and just post links to all of my posts here. I’m pretty sure WordPress has a feature to do it automatically as well. We shall see.

You may be wondering why I’m not pimping my Pinterest page. That’s because I didn’t actually start one đŸ™‚ I’m more tempted to join Pinterest than I’ve ever been before, but thus far I have managed to abstain. Don’t know how long that will last, but I might be able to use my Tumblr as a pseudo-Pinterest, so there’s that.

Until tomorrow.

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