Social Media Failure

Thus far, the great experiment that is me maintaining accounts on multiple social media platforms has been a colossal failure. Hooray! But because I am me and, therefore, practically hold an advanced degree in rationalization, I have several excuses to make.

First, I have yet to come up with an avatar. I know that sounds dumb, but I have a hard time taking myself seriously on Twitter when I’m a freaking egg. I have an avatar idea, I just have to make it and hope that Twitter accepts the file. (I tried to give myself an avatar once, but Twitter said the file was too big or something.)

Second, I went to my parents’ house the day after I set up my Tumblr. I only intended to stay for a few days, but I stayed for a week. This wouldn’t have been a problem if I’d had my Tumblr account information with me, but I didn’t. So I couldn’t log in.

Third, it seems like every single time something happens that I want to tweet, I am unable to. Like, physically unable to tweet. For example, I heard “Space” by Something Corporate on Alt Nation yesterday. I was simultaneously shocked and thrilled. It was just the perfect thing to tweet. But I was driving, so I couldn’t very well do it just then. And then I was late when I got to Panera, so I couldn’t take the time to tweet. Once I finally had a second to tweet, the moment had passed; there didn’t really seem to be a point anymore.

Finally, today would have been a day to rectify some of the above issues, but I overslept. And then doing some preparatory school stuff seemed more important. And once the school stuff was accomplished I decided not to overtax myself.

So here we are. I’m going to try to get better about updating my Tumblr and Twitter accounts. I make no promises, though.

Until tomorrow.


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