Don’t Call It Retro

The Phillies celebrated 1990s Retro Night this evening at Citizens Bank Park. This was simultaneously awesome (yay 90s!) and awful (what do you mean “retro?”). The 90s were a very important decade for me (what with middle school, high school, starting college, and all) and they weren’t that long ago and it is so distressing to think of the 90s as retro. It’s like hearing 80s music on Oldies stations but so much worse.

It wasn’t all bad, though. The team rocked the old maroon pinstripes, which was awesome. A couple of guys even went fully retro with high socks and stirrups 🙂 I have a huge soft spot for the old powder blue and maroon uniform. Such a soft spot, in fact, that if I manage to move back to Philly next year, I want to make sure to go to 90s Retro Night just because the Majestic Clubhouse Store will (probably) have a sale on retro shirseys and whatnot.

Other good things included Dom Brown’s first home run of the year 🙂 I may have to wear my old Zoo With Roy “Domonate” shirt tomorrow (and undoubtedly get some very strange looks at Target, but whatever). Actually, that was pretty much the only good thing other than the uniforms. In true 90s fashion, the Phillies lost.

Until tomorrow.


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