What A Day

Man, today has consisted of massive amounts of suck. Starting at 12:30 in the morning, when I turned the TV on to watch Craig Ferguson. Except, instead of seeing Neon Trees on Letterman, I saw Jake Gyllenhaal (this will probably be the only time I ever complain about seeing Jake Gyllenhaal on TV). Apparently the RNC requires the local news to bloat from half an hour to an hour (because, obviously, a thing which lasted 10 minutes yesterday required 30 minutes to discuss). And if that had been the only problem I encountered while trying to watch Ferguson, it would’ve been fine. But the second Ferguson started it appeared that the person pushing the buttons at the local CBS affiliate had no idea what he or she was doing. Technical difficulties out the ying yang. My personal favorite was during the monologue, when the screen went black for God knows how long and then they started the tape over at Letterman. And proceeded to fast forward all the way through Letterman. I’d never seen my TV fast forward before when it wasn’t my DVR in use. And I have no idea what we learned on the show last night because when 2 AM rolled around the person pushing the buttons decided that, by golly, they were going to start the repeat of the 11:00 news on time. Who cares about the Ferguson fans who were completely screwed by his or her incompetence?

So that was a whole lot of “fun.” The same way that tonight’s Phillies game was “fun.” Man, that was brutal. Especially the 8th and 10th innings. I am so glad that I watched most of the game on mute. Then I made the mistake of going on Facebook and saw the most ridiculous shit from one of the morons I went to high school with. But more on that at another date.

Okay I cannot post this without adding something positive. I mean, today wasn’t all bad. For instance, today brought us this amazing Zoo With Roy post. Which is only a teaser for the video awesomeness to come. (By the bye, those pictures of Chase Utley with Awesome Emma? I die.)

Until tomorrow.


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