Month: September 2012

Month In Review: September

I hope you guys realize just how big of a sacrifice I am making by writing this post during the first Eagles game I’ve actually been able to watch all year. But I really want to get this posted in September. Let’s get into it.

  • Take better care of myself. I feel like I was better than last month, but that’s not saying a whole hell of a lot. I really, really need to start doing something active, if only because I’m afraid that if I don’t, all of my joints will freeze together.
  • Read every day. Still going strong with this one. My reading this month has taken a decidedly YA flavor, but that’s not a bad thing.
  • Blog every day. Thank God for the WordPress iPad app, it allows me to blog from my living room. Elsewise I might not be able to keep up with this resolution.
  • Work on my house. Pretty sure I regressed on this again. Oh well. I can’t concentrate on too many big responsibilities at once.

Not great, but not terrible. Onwards and upwards, right?

In other news, this Eagles game has reminded me of how much I love football. And screaming my head off at the TV. (Sorry not sorry, neighbors. Especially the ones with the damn yipping dog.)

And tonight’s season premiere of Once Upon a Time has made me really want to watch the Disney Sleeping Beauty. And as it happens, I own it, so yay! (Also, thanks Eagles and Giants for not doing anything interesting during the 8 o’clock hour.)

Wait, BMW is using AWOLNATION’s “Sail” in commercials now? Did they miss early 2011 when that song came out? Seriously though, it’s the 2 minute warning, time to bounce.

Until tomorrow.

Hold Me

Oh my God, the end of Doctor Who shattered me. Shattered. I was bawling for the entire last segment. And I had to be careful, too, because for some dumb reason the only tissues I have in the house are Puffs Plus and I didn’t want to get the lotion in my eyes.

At least the Phillies and Orioles both won 🙂 But damn, the Phillies game was long. I mean, the Orioles game ended before the Phillies game did and that is just not a thing that happens.

I cannot stop thinking about Doctor Who. Amy and Rory aren’t even my favorite companions, but boy was I sad to see them go. (My favorite New Who companions, in order: Rose, Donna, Captain Jack Harkness, Amy and Rory, any random person who allied with the Doctor for an episode or two, Martha. I really hate Martha Jones.)

Until tomorrow.

Where Has The Year Gone?

It’s crazy to think that a year ago tonight was Game 162 of the 2011 MLB season: a/k/a the greatest night of baseball ever. You could not have scripted a more exciting end to last season. Don’t believe me? Check out this montage of the action from (it’s 12 minutes long, but totally worth it) or this visual timeline from ESPN.

That was one of my rare nights of rooting for the Rays, too, because I desperately wanted a Phillies/Rays World Series. Alas, it was not to be 😦 But even with hindsight being 20-20, I still can’t be upset at the way last season ended. I hate the Braves; under no circumstances did I want the Phillies to roll over and just let the Braves into the postseason.

This year, of course, Game 162 is in October, which is completely weird. But I’m glad regular season baseball hasn’t ended yet (even if the Phillies have been mathematically eliminated from the  postseason).

Until tomorrow.

The Opposite Of Fun

Here’s my official stance on baseball for the rest of the year: Let’s go Orioles! That is all.

In other news, it should surprise no one that Elementary can’t hold a candle to Sherlock. I gave it a shot because I love Jonny Lee Miller, but I really don’t see myself watching it again. I guess it’s not really that surprising since I don’t watch any of CBS’s other eight billion cop shows. Actually, I don’t watch anything on CBS anymore since my lack of a DVR led to a major culling of TV shows I watch.

A show I will be watching again next week is Last Resort. It’s got actors I like and an intriguing premise (the last several minutes were particularly interesting, plot-wise). Plus, Scott Speedman, who I suddenly find very attractive. (Remember when Felicity started and everyone thought he was so damn hot? I didn’t.)

Until tomorrow.


I was going to make a “This is Sparta!” joke, but it’s been a while since I watched 300.

So yep, this is my 300th post. I just spent the past hour and a half reading the last hundred posts. It kinda helped cheer me up after the painful ninth inning of tonight’s Phillies game; I really do amuse myself.

It’s so weird to think that in the last 100 days (or so) I started and stopped a temp job, turned 32, and went home for a few days. I talked a lot about Wawa but never actually went to one. I obsessed over TastyKake pies that were in my Target and then disappeared. I went to Starbucks a lot, especially now that Pumpkin Spice is back. I actually baked cookies. I talked about Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, and Jimmy Eat World. I even started a Tumblr and became more active on Twitter.

And then, of course, there were the Phillies. I celebrated Jim Thome home runs and mourned his trade to the Orioles. I complained about FOX’s disrespect for Chooch during the All-Star Game. I gave the season up for dead, but then spent the rest of July not talking about them in a superstitious hope that they’d turn things around. I cheered wins, fretted over losses, and made it generally obvious that I hadn’t really given up at all. September brought high hopes, cruel disappointments, and a crash back to reality. (Oh, and no sweeping of the final home series either. Damn.)

There may have been more themes, but that’s what really stuck out at me. And it’s late and I’m tired, so yeah.

Until tomorrow.

Not So High Hopes

I have two hopes for the last Phillies home stand: 1) sweep the effing Nats and 2) at the very least, don’t let the Nats clinch the division at CBP. It’s too early to tell whether I’ll get my first wish (although tonight was a good start), but I saw, like, eight different tweets after the game that assured me that I will get my second wish (thank you, Braves). So that’s awesome 🙂

You know what else is awesome? Darin Ruf hitting a home run for his first major league hit. Congrats, kid. The extended silent treatment he got in the dugout was also completely adorable. I hate to say it, but I think I enjoyed it even more because of how much T-Mac and Wheels enjoyed it. Seriously, Google that shit. (If I weren’t on my iPad right now, I’d include the link.)

In awesome non-baseball news, I got my iPhone 5 today 🙂 Apple said I wouldn’t get it until Thursday, but UPS got it to me today. That’s what I call service. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the stupid USPS to get me the books my personal cheerleader sent on September 1. (Seriously, I am never, ever, ever using the USPS to ship a package ever again.)

Until tomorrow.


Some “family values” Republican State Representative here in Florida has ended his re-election campaign due to his alleged fondness for hookers. That will never not be funny to me.

And thank you, local news, for giving me something hilarious to pass along. Pretty much the only notable thing that happened today before I caught the beginning of the 11 o’clock news was the return of Castle. And don’t misread, I am super glad that Castle is back because of my great love for Nathan Fillion, but I didn’t really feel like writing about that on my blog today.

Today was one of those awesome days when I didn’t really do anything but I don’t feel guilty about my lack of activity. When my alarm went off this morning I felt dead and decided that I would just turn it off and go back to sleep. Which felt amazing. I slept for another three hours and was quite happy when I woke up. So happy, in fact, that I decided not to bother forcing myself to do any work. There was nothing that needed to be done and I felt like I deserved a day off. Slacker days are the best 🙂

Until tomorrow.

Planned Obsolescence

It should surprise no one that tech companies have no interest in supporting all of their products ad infinitum. It would be expensive as hell to maintain the necessary knowledge base and knowledgable employees to support every iteration of every product. Plus, they would miss out on the new revenue that comes from forced upgrades.

So I’m not blaming Apple for deciding that it’s time for those of us with original iPads to upgrade already. I’m just surprised that the obsolescence cycle for iPads is only two years (apparently).

I didn’t even realize that Apple had decided that I needed a new iPad until I synced my iPad on the day that iOS 6 was released and wasn’t asked to upgrade. I checked Apple’s Website and, sure enough, iOS 6 is only available for iPad 2 and the new iPad. Bummer.

Even though I was bummed that I couldn’t put a fancy new OS on my iPad, I had no intention of rushing out and upgrading. It still works just fine and at least this way I still have a native YouTube app and Google Maps on one device. But over the weekend the Home button started acting up (which is to say, not reacting). I’ll have to look through the user guide a bit, but to the best of my knowledge iPads are much harder to use without a functioning Home button. If I’m right, I guess I know what I’ll be asking Santa for this year.

Until tomorrow.

It’s That Time Of Year Again

I watched football for the first time this season today. It seems odd, but it’s true. Mind you, I would’ve watched the hell out of some football if I had any way to watch the Eagles, but I don’t. And for whatever reason I don’t think about watching college football on Saturdays. And I didn’t think about watching it today, either; I’m at my parents’ house and my dad put the Penn State game on and so I watched it. And then we watched the Virginia Tech game that he’d DVR’d. So yay football!

Speaking of my parents, I’m very jealous of them because they’re going to Philly tomorrow. My dad will finally get to watch an Eagles game, but I won’t because FOX13 will be playing Cops or some shit instead of one of the late games. I still don’t understand how that’s remotely kosher, but whatever.

Anyways, I saw the link to this Buzzfeed post about NFL quarterbacks and their Muppet doppelgängers all over the Internet the past few days and it had me in hysterics and so I thought I’d share it here. In addition to being funny as hell, it’s quite informative because I learned the names of a bunch of Muppets that I didn’t even know had names. You learn something new every day, right?

Until tomorrow.


So apparently some baseball fans filed an antitrust suit against MLB with respect to the outdated TV blackout system that so many of us love to bitch about. How did I not know about this before? At least I know about it now thanks to this interesting piece by Jeff Passan about where the suit stood as of yesterday. Passan indicated that there would be news on the case today, but as of this moment I can’t find anything more recent on Google. The legal scholars quoted in the piece give me hope that the ridiculous blackout thing will end. Just imagine: if MLB didn’t insist on these dumb blackouts, I wouldn’t have had any problems with yesterday and I could’ve actually watched the Phillies’ 8-run first inning.

Until tomorrow.