Month In Review: August

I am such a spaz. I completely forgot that yesterday was August 31st. Ah well, better late than never, right?

  • Take better care of myself. Let’s see, in August I was mostly sedentary and ate a lot of junk food. That’s not so good. But I am working towards better eating habits (by which I mean I’ve eaten most of the junk in my house and feel pretty confident that I won’t buy any more). At least I’ve kicked my daily Starbucks habit. (Of course, the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte will be a big test.) Did I take better care of myself? No. But I could’ve done worse.
  • Read every day. I can continue to check all of the boxes with this resolution. Yay me! This is going to become even more important for the rest of the year as I read 24 books for my YA literature class.
  • Blog every day. Woohoo! I got right back into the swing of this resolution. I mean, my timing got wonky and I wrote the wrong entry yesterday (in a manner of speaking), but I posted before I went to bed every day and that is my goal.
  • Work on my house. Try not to faint, but I actually did a little bit of work on my house. This was mainly due to my mom, who is awesome. I feel like I would’ve put in more effort on my own if a) I hadn’t spent long periods of time at my parents’  house and b) I weren’t so afraid of coming across the giant spider. (Speaking of the scary spider, I’m convinced he’s living in the air vents. Have I told you that?) But my parents are coming over tomorrow, so maybe I can send them on a spider-hunting mission.

So not great, but not abysmal, either. There’s room for improvement in each resolution and that’s good, right?

In other news, the Doctor Who season premiere ended about half an hour ago and oh my God. I was not prepared. And speaking of Doctor Who, I hate knowing that Amy and Rory are leaving in the middle of this season; it fills me with dread. Why the hell did Steven Moffat decide that it was a good idea to announce that they were leaving months before the season even aired? It’s like when David Tennant and Russell Davies announced that they were leaving; I hated that, too. I guess I prefer Joss Whedon’s method of killing off characters with no warning. And it’s not that the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration didn’t affect me deeply (because it did), but I didn’t like waiting for it to happen.

Huh. I didn’t actually start that with the intention of depressing myself; I’m really happy to have the Doctor back in my life. So let’s focus on the positive. The new season of Doctor Who has started! Hooray!

Until tomorrow.


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