That Could’ve Gone Better

You know what’s not fun? When you go from thinking, “hey, my team’s about to sweep the hated Braves,” to “eff you, Larry.” That’s not fun. (Random side note: I really wanted to name this post “eff you, Larry,” but I thought better of it.)

Everything had been so positive about the Phillies today until the bottom of the ninth, too. They called up Justin De Fratus and Jake Diekman, which made me very, very happy. (I have a bit of a crush on De Fratus and have been waiting all year for him to get added to the big league roster. It would’ve happened much sooner if he hadn’t spent most of the year on the DL.) Cole Hamels had an at bat before he threw a single pitch. And Dan Uggla wasn’t playing for the Braves.

Here’s the thing about Uggla: despite myself, I find him attractive. He’s got that whole dark hair and light eyes thing going for him. Not to mention his arms. (In my defense, it’s hard not to notice his arms since he wears a jersey that’s too small.) When he’s in a game, I find myself checking him out and then I get mad that I was checking him out. It’s terribly annoying. But it feels good to get that off my chest.

At least I have Jesse Lacey videos on YouTube to cheer me up. (And they really never fail to cheer me up.)

Until tomorrow.


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