I Watched TV

There was no Phillies game tonight, so what else was I supposed to do? Homework? Where’s the fun in that?

First, I watched the VMAs. After Twitter reminded me that they were tonight I decided I had to watch them so I could feel really, really old. But could someone explain to me why the hell MTV decided to put the VMAs on a Thursday? I don’t get it. Of course, I don’t get why the hell MTV holds Video Music Awards, either. As we old folks like to ask, does MTV even play music videos anymore? Judging by the commercials I saw, the answer is “no.” But they totally still play the Real World. Because that didn’t wear out its welcome when I was in college.

I noticed several things while watching the VMAs. First, I’d heard of most of the nominees, but probably less than half of the songs. And even with artists that I’m familiar with (as opposed to simply being aware of) I didn’t know a lot of the songs. For instance, Katy Perry was nominated for a song that I had never heard. Maybe I’m finally doing a good job of isolating myself from pop radio. Second, if you put the guys in One Direction and The Wanted in a line up and asked me to pick the guys from one group out, I couldn’t do it. Even if you put a gun to my head. I’m actually pretty proud of that, though 🙂 Speaking of One Direction (I think), my favorite part of their performance was when they showed one dude who clearly had both of his in-ear thingies sitting on his shoulders. I was impressed that he was able to harmonize so well live when he couldn’t hear the performance. It was really something. Third, it bummed the hell out of me that Chris Brown was nominated for anything. And then he won. Boo MTV! Fourth, I’m pretty sure I saw that exclusive first peek at the second half of Breaking Dawn somewhere else. I clearly remember seeing a vamped-out Lee Pace standing in the snow with the Cullens and their allies on the Internet. (The fact that Lee Pace is in the second half of Breaking Dawn as Garrett is pretty much the only reason I have any interest in that movie.) Finally, has Taylor Swift decided to go full-on pop star? I couldn’t hear a trace of a twang in her performance (and, unsurprisingly, it was the first time I heard that song). I don’t really care either way, but I’m curious.

After the VMAs I turned on the DNC. (Because that’s a sentence that makes sense.) If there was one speech in either convention that I would watch, it would be President Obama’s. But I’ve heard good things about Clinton’s as well, so I’ll probably watch that one online. I’ve finally been inspired to donate to Obama and the Democrats, so you could say that the speech worked. (I always intended to in the end, but had successfully ignored approximately 3,000 direct appeals for money.) The fact that I got my student loan check in the mail today probably didn’t hurt, either.

I also watched a little of the Yankees-Orioles game, but on my iPad. The Orioles are officially my favorite story of the 2012 season and I am going to root like crazy for them for the rest of the year.

Wow, it appears that I get verbose when I actually watch TV.

Until tomorrow.


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