Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

Thank God for Doctor Who, man. Tonight’s Phillies game was rained out, but at least I got to watch the Doctor discover a spaceship filled with dinosaurs 🙂 Think about that phrase, “a spaceship filled with dinosaurs,” for a second. It’s so ridiculous it’s amazing.

This episode was a perfect example of what makes Doctor Who so fantastic: you take a ridiculous/awesome/ridiculously awesome premise (a spaceship filled with dinosaurs), throw the Doctor and his companions in the middle of it, and add a bunch of British actors that you recognize or kind of recognize (in tonight’s episode I immediately recognized Lestrade from Sherlock but needed IMDB’s help to recognize Arthur Weasley and Mr. Filch from the Harry Potter series). Actually, I think next week’s episode tweaked the formula because I’m pretty sure I saw Ben Browder (!) in the trailer, which means they actually used an American actor. (I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I love me some Farscape and my inner-fangirl is squeeing like mad at the thought of John Crichton and the Doctor in the same TV show!)

Until tomorrow.


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