I’m not sure what it says that the thing I most I want to do after that Phillies loss is read more of my dry as dirt textbook. I’m sure it can’t be anything good, at any rate.

I’d probably be more upset about the loss if I hadn’t kind of expected it. It probably sounds weird to most baseball fans, but I’ve been petrified about this four game series in Houston for days. The Astros have been historically bad this year, but they’ve been ridiculously good against the Phillies over the past couple of years. Hence my fear. Whatever, the Phillies are still at .500, all is not lost. Although I would really like Charlie Manuel and Rich Dubee to explain the bullpen management in the eighth inning. Now is not the time to leave foundering pitchers in games; now is the time to let your inner Tony La Russa out. Alright, I’ll only get upset if I keep thinking about this. Tomorrow is another day and all that.

Until tomorrow.

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