Get Out The Vote

A few months ago I wrote quite a few blog posts imploring you to vote for Carlos Ruiz for the MLB All-Star Game. It would be really weird if I spent all that energy on a game and never mentioned the impending national election. And I’m weird, but I’m not that weird.

I heard two interviews with Henry Rollins recently and he made a really excellent point about his current tour of state capitals: he’s not up there to tell you who to vote for, but he is up there to tell you to vote. And I feel the same way. I know who I’d like you to vote for, but the more important thing is that you vote. Make your voice heard.

To that end, I thought I’d pass along a couple of helpful Web resources: GottaVote, GottaRegister, and iSideWith. I want to play around with iSideWith a little more, but I think it’s a pretty cool site. You answer some multiple choice questions and it tells you which candidate you side with. I found the quiz to be very informative on two levels: first, it was the first place I saw anything about the third-party candidates in the election and second, the quiz contains questions on issues I hadn’t even considered. In fact, they’re issues I should probably spend some time researching so that I can make a more informed decision than I did the first time I took the quiz.

Election Day will be here before you know it. Take the time now to make sure that a) you will be allowed to vote (make sure you know what voter ID laws are in place in your state) and b) you can make an informed decision at the polls. The future is in your hands. Vote.

Until tomorrow.


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