Completely Important Thought I Just Had

It’s September, which means that Ivins’ Spiced Wafers are back in stores. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, they’re only available in Acme stores. And the closest Acme is probably, like, a thousand miles from Tampa. Crap. That makes it a thought that is both important and depressing 😦

All is not lost, however. My parents are flying to Philly this very weekend. Woohoo! Of course, instead of flying back to Tampa they’re flying to Barcelona to board a cruise ship for a month-long cruise. Crap. Again.

All I want are these amazing cookies that I’ve loved my whole life. Why must I be thwarted at every turn? Why???

(Actually, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if my parents bought Ivins’ but didn’t give them to me for a month. Ivins’ stay fresh for months if you don’t open the box. And slightly stale Ivins’ are almost better than fresh Ivins’ because they get a little soft and are, therefore, easier to eat. This is an important fact I learned in my high school physics class. Thanks, Skinny!)

Oh, and don’t offer me any of that Sweetzels’ Spiced Wafers crap. Ivins’ are a billion times better.

Until tomorrow.


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