I listened to Jimmy Eat World’s Futures for the first time in forever today. I’d forgotten how much I love that record. In fact, I’d forgotten how much I loved circa 2001-2005 Jimmy Eat World, so then I listened to Bleed American and the Stay On My Side Tonight EP as well. That was one of the better ways I’ve spent two hours recently 🙂

This time four years ago I was listening to Futures a lot. One reason was that I believed then (and still believe now) that Obama should use “Futures” as his campaign song. It’s hopeful without being annoying (which is always a big consideration for me). It stresses the importance of making your voice heard. And there’s that whole “Hope for better November” line. It just seemed so perfect for Obama’s hope and change campaign. And I still think it would work.

I think this evening’s trip down memory lane has given Jimmy Eat World the edge in the my favorite band I never saw live competition. There’d be no competition if their post-Futures records were anywhere near as good as the three I listened to today, but I just can’t get into them. I know they’re in the studio working on a new record, but for the first time in years I have no intention of pre-ordering it. My 21-year-old self is aghast at that, but my 21-year-old self never heard Chase This Light or Invented.

Whoops, I’ve gone a little off message. I didn’t plan to use this post to trash (or even mention) the past few Jimmy Eat World records; I meant to talk about my love of Futures. Oh well.

Until tomorrow.


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