Planned Obsolescence

It should surprise no one that tech companies have no interest in supporting all of their products ad infinitum. It would be expensive as hell to maintain the necessary knowledge base and knowledgable employees to support every iteration of every product. Plus, they would miss out on the new revenue that comes from forced upgrades.

So I’m not blaming Apple for deciding that it’s time for those of us with original iPads to upgrade already. I’m just surprised that the obsolescence cycle for iPads is only two years (apparently).

I didn’t even realize that Apple had decided that I needed a new iPad until I synced my iPad on the day that iOS 6 was released and wasn’t asked to upgrade. I checked Apple’s Website and, sure enough, iOS 6 is only available for iPad 2 and the new iPad. Bummer.

Even though I was bummed that I couldn’t put a fancy new OS on my iPad, I had no intention of rushing out and upgrading. It still works just fine and at least this way I still have a native YouTube app and Google Maps on one device. But over the weekend the Home button started acting up (which is to say, not reacting). I’ll have to look through the user guide a bit, but to the best of my knowledge iPads are much harder to use without a functioning Home button. If I’m right, I guess I know what I’ll be asking Santa for this year.

Until tomorrow.


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