The Opposite Of Fun

Here’s my official stance on baseball for the rest of the year: Let’s go Orioles! That is all.

In other news, it should surprise no one that Elementary can’t hold a candle to Sherlock. I gave it a shot because I love Jonny Lee Miller, but I really don’t see myself watching it again. I guess it’s not really that surprising since I don’t watch any of CBS’s other eight billion cop shows. Actually, I don’t watch anything on CBS anymore since my lack of a DVR led to a major culling of TV shows I watch.

A show I will be watching again next week is Last Resort. It’s got actors I like and an intriguing premise (the last several minutes were particularly interesting, plot-wise). Plus, Scott Speedman, who I suddenly find very attractive. (Remember when Felicity started and everyone thought he was so damn hot? I didn’t.)

Until tomorrow.


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