Hold Me

Oh my God, the end of Doctor Who shattered me. Shattered. I was bawling for the entire last segment. And I had to be careful, too, because for some dumb reason the only tissues I have in the house are Puffs Plus and I didn’t want to get the lotion in my eyes.

At least the Phillies and Orioles both won 🙂 But damn, the Phillies game was long. I mean, the Orioles game ended before the Phillies game did and that is just not a thing that happens.

I cannot stop thinking about Doctor Who. Amy and Rory aren’t even my favorite companions, but boy was I sad to see them go. (My favorite New Who companions, in order: Rose, Donna, Captain Jack Harkness, Amy and Rory, any random person who allied with the Doctor for an episode or two, Martha. I really hate Martha Jones.)

Until tomorrow.

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