Month: October 2012

Stiff And Sore

Holy mother of God, my neck and shoulders are so ridiculously sore; I can’t even begin to explain it. The stiffness subsided as the day went on, but the soreness never did. It was so bad this morning, though, that I couldn’t even touch my chin to my chest. (By the by, difficulty touching one’s chin to one’s chest is a symptom of meningitis. Did you know that? I never really thought I had meningitis, though.)

I’m not really sure what caused it, but I think it might be the pillow I’m using at my parents’ house. My mom bought me a new pillow today. Isn’t she nice? I’m hopeful that when I wake up tomorrow morning I won’t feel as bad as I did today. I’m really not sure I can take another day of this. So, fingers crossed.

Until tomorrow.


I have no energy to write the post in my head. C’est la vie. It will be written someday, but today just ain’t that day.

The real problem is that I have no energy to write any other post either. So I won’t 🙂

Until tomorrow.


Today is the wrong day for the post in my head. I watched maybe a minute of news coverage today (more on that in a minute), but I was on Twitter all day. And so much of what I saw was heartbreaking. And horrifying. And that was before the worst of the storm hit.

And now for a short rant. I’m at my parents’ house (they got home yesterday) and my dad flipped to BayNews9 to see the weather about an hour ago. And I got so mad at the weatherman. To hear him tell it, Connecticut, Long Island, and NYC were being swamped and, oh yeah, Jersey too, I guess, a little bit. As if the storm hadn’t Made Landfall in South Jersey. What a douchebag. Yes, everything I’ve seen from New York is crazy, but the same can be said for the Jersey Shore. Grr. I wouldn’t have gotten angry if he hadn’t downplayed the impacts on Jersey. Anyways…

My thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm. Stay smart, stay safe, and be well.

Until tomorrow.


I had a plan for tonight’s post, but now I’m too cranky, angry, and depressed after watching the fucking Giants win the fucking World Series to write it. Turns out watching Once Upon a Time wasn’t enough to make this bearable. For God’s sake, Hunter fucking Pence now has as many World Series rings as Chase Utley and more than Roy Halladay. That is disgusting. (I can’t get over just how much this postseason made me hate Pence.)

And this was after watching a fucking joke of an Eagles game. I can only hope that Jeffrey Lurie will finally fire Andy Reid.

And, of course, pretty much every single person I care about is in the path of the hurricane/nor’easter/super cyclone. (I don’t even know what a super cyclone is, but John Bolaris keeps saying it in tweets and it sounds scary as hell.) If you’re in the path of the storm, please stay safe and don’t do anything stupid.

Yep, today fucking sucked.

Until tomorrow.

Still Watching Baseball

When the Phillies’ season ended last year, it threw me into such a negative head space that I stopped watching baseball until Spring Training. I was miserable. I can still remember turning off the TV as soon as Howard grounded out and throwing my remote on the floor in anger. In fact, I was so quick to turn off the TV that I didn’t actually see Howard fall on the ground; it wasn’t until the next day that I found out about his Achilles injury.

When the Phillies’ season ended this year, I wasn’t angry. Nor was I ready to stop watching baseball. In fact, I threw myself into the postseason; I’ve watched more baseball this month than I did during any other month (watching the better part of four games a day will do that).

In a lot of ways, though, I think it’s not so much about my head space with respect to the Phillies as it is about my head space with respect to baseball. I think baseball is officially my favorite sport now. Days without baseball are rough (and the offseason is fast approaching, boo). It’s weird that baseball is my favorite sport since I’ve been either anti or ambivalent for most of my life. I was ambivalent as recently as 2008. (Not to completely out myself as a bandwagon or fair-weather fan. Mainly since I don’t think those labels apply to me.)

In 2008 I had the Preston & Steve podcast to keep me updated on the Phils whether I wanted it or not. And it was hard not to get some postseason excitement from the P&S crew. But I didn’t watch much in the way of game action. I remember following the box scores on and the ESPN ScoreCenter app during the NLDS. (In my memory all of the NLDS games were played while I was at work or driving home from work. That’s probably not correct, though.) I remember putting Game 4 on my TV at a time that I assumed would be close to the end of the game. I only remember watching the bottom of the ninth, so I seem to have guessed well. I remember paying almost no attention to the NLCS. Again, though, I turned my TV to baseball during Game 5 at a time that I assumed was near the end. And, again, I only remember watching the bottom of the ninth. My modus operandi during the World Series was the same as that during the NLCS. Although at that point it was partly driven by superstition. The difference, of course, was that when I turned on Game 5 it was only the sixth inning and the game was about to be suspended. I actually watched all of Game 5B (as it’s often called). The suspended game was so wacky that I allowed myself to believe that the Phillies actually had a chance of winning the World Series. And I didn’t want to miss out on that experience. Which was amazing, I must say.

I remember sitting on my couch, watching all of the postgame awards and whatnot, and thinking “so this is what this feels like.” (Remember that the city of Philadelphia hadn’t won a championship in the four major sports since I was almost 3 years old; I was gonna celebrate any team that brought a trophy to the City of Brotherly Love.) Once FOX’s postgame stuff was over I decided to check the Philly TV stations’ Websites to see if they were streaming any live coverage online. Luckily, the first station I checked (6ABC) was 🙂 I’m pretty sure I stayed up past midnight reveling in 6ABC’s online coverage. Then I set an alarm to get up at 5 AM (an hour earlier than usual), so that I could listen to Preston & Steve online from 6-7. For the first time since I’d started podcasting, I wasn’t willing to wait and listen to it the next day. I was still in such a good mood the next morning that I flew out of bed at 5 and at 6 I was ready to listen to P&S until I had to leave for work. They basically gave the whole show over to celebratory phone calls from listeners, too, so it was pretty much the perfect thing to listen to that day. (Or any day, really. I still have that podcast saved in my iTunes.)

Wow, this wasn’t actually supposed to be “Kristin remembers the 2008 postseason,” but this was a fun trip down memory lane for me. The point is that I’ve enjoyed watching baseball this postseason even if pretty much every series ended with the team I was rooting against advancing. And you can bet I’ll be watching Game 4 of the World Series tomorrow night. But I might watch Once Upon a Time during the 8 o’clock hour, though. It’ll fortify me to watch the Hunter Pence-led (barf) Giants win the damn World Series. (This is what I mean when I talk about every series ending in disaster. Although I don’t think I’d be so angry about the Giants winning it all if MLB hadn’t started pushing that damn Pence narrative in the NLDS. That narrative is the reason I hate Hunter Pence now. Well, that and his creepy-ass beard.)

Until tomorrow.


It’s Friday night. We’ve all got better things to do than read a bunch of words, right? So have some videos instead. (Don’t ask me where I found any of these other than YouTube.)

The Phillie Phanatic is never not awesome. I will hear no counterarguments 🙂

This video makes me feel feelings (which is to say the end of it made me all teary in a happy way).

This isn’t Phillies-related, but it is ah-may-zing!

If you don’t understand the genius of Bob Ross, I pity your sad, PBS-less childhood.

Until tomorrow.

Is This Weird?

The other day I got a Zoosk invite because my insurance guy listed me as one of his friends. That’s weird, right? Am I crazy for being completely nonplussed by this?

Zoosk, apparently, doesn’t have time for me to over think this. I got a “hey, did you see your Zoosk invitation?” email earlier today.

I dunno. I’m probably just over thinking this. I don’t really have any interest in joining Zoosk. But I can’t get over the fact that this happened because of my insurance guy. I mean, it’s weird. (I should probably add that I haven’t spoken to my insurance guy in a year and a half.) ‘Tis strange.

Until tomorrow.