Schoolwork? What?

It’s weird, but this is the first time all semester that I’ve had to do real homework. Open-book online quizzes don’t really count as homework. But now I’ve got papers (yes, plural papers) to write. The one that’s due first is supposed to be some kind of mini-biography of a YA author. Which sounds kind of fun in theory, but I’ve got way too many potential subjects and I’m having a hard time choosing. But that’s what I really ought to work on tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow will be a really special day and I’ll get out of bed before noon. Probably not, though, because there’s every chance that I won’t fall asleep until after 2 AM (again). I’ve been dead to the world when my alarm goes off at 8 AM and it’s hard to force myself out of bed since I have nothing to do and nowhere to go. So the cycle continues. But at least I haven’t stayed awake for the duration of whatever movie I’m watching listening to when I go to bed *fingers crossed that it stays that way*

Until tomorrow.

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