Of Course

Of course Raul mothereffing Ibanez hit a game-tying homer just as the end of Mockingjay was making me cry. Of course that happened.

For the record, I love Raul, but he’s supposed to be atrocious in even numbered months. At least that’s the way it worked the past three years when he was on the Phillies. Plus, it’s physically impossible for me to root for the Yankees.

And of course he hit a walk-off homer as I was writing the second paragraph. Of course he did.

Oh, and to the Yankees fan I saw with the “Rahool” sign, it’s “Rauuuuulll.” Duh.

And the Reds lost. And the A’s are losing. This is just a bundle of suck. But maybe this is what I get for watching 10 hours of baseball and not doing the slightest thing to work on COMPS. Maybe.

Until tomorrow.


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