So I turned off the Cardinals – Nats game in the bottom of the first. After watching the damn Yankees beat the Orioles I couldn’t stomach watching those people in Nationals Park celebrate a Nats victory. (Notice that I didn’t say “fans.” The Nats don’t have fans. And I get that the Nats are a young franchise. I’m not saying they don’t have fans because they don’t have history; I’m saying they don’t have fans because the only well-attended games at Nationals Park are those involving the Phillies.) Actually, I couldn’t stomach watching a Nats victory period. But I kept tabs on the game via Twitter. And as much as I wanted to turn the game on when the Cards started their comeback, I just kept listening to my iPod. (It’s fun to be superstitious with respect to sports.) And, holy mother of God, the Cardinals did it again!! That is hilarious to me. Not that I really like the Cards, but I really do not like the Nats. I wasn’t so much rooting for the Cards in this series as I was rooting against the Nats. But, 2011 NLDS notwithstanding, the Cards are a much more likable team than the Nats.

Of course, I was rooting for the Reds to beat the shit out of the Cards in the NLCS, and now that’s not gonna happen. I’m now rooting for an act of God that means neither team wins the NLCS. A meteor or something. That would be good.

Crap, it’s late. I need to go to bed. I really need to buckle down and do some reading for COMPS tomorrow. (Who’s surprised that I haven’t done much of anything yet? Not me.)

Until tomorrow.


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