My Brain Is So Damn Weird

I came up with yet another reason why I shouldn’t have kids this afternoon. Not that I needed one, but whatever. And I don’t really know where the hell it even came from, and it’s kinda weird, but stay with me.

I shouldn’t have kids because they would be deprived of a whole bunch of classic children’s movies.

Mainly because there’s a ton of those movies that I refuse to watch. I mean refuse to watch. You couldn’t pay me to watch these movies. Off the top of my head, the list includes BambiDumboE.T.Rudy (maybe not a kid’s movie, but still), and Toy Story 3. And then there are the movies that I will watch if you put a gun to my head but I really don’t like, like The Wizard of Oz.

How could you deprive a kid of those movies, right? But I would do it. I would refuse to have any of those movies in the house and I would strongly urge my family to keep them away from my kid. I mean, God forbid my kid saw E.T. and loved it. Then where would I be? That movie is torture for me; I can’t watch it. Cannot do it.

So you see, it’s best for everyone if I just don’t have kids.

(These are the things that bounce around my head in the middle of the afternoon. To say that I have issues doesn’t even begin to cover it :))

Until tomorrow.

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