You know what’s fun? Discovering random bruises on your legs and being unable to recall an injury or whatever that would have caused said bruise. Fun. (To be fair, I am glad the bruise showed up because at least now I know why that part of my leg hurt earlier.)

In other news, Apple officially announced the iPad Mini today. As the happy owner of an iPhone and an iPad I don’t see the need for an iPad Mini of my very own. Hell, I don’t really see the point of an iPad Mini for anyone and I never have. F’reals. The first time I heard an iPad Mini rumor my reaction was “why?” I mean, I guess it will be really awesome for reading in iBooks (the iPad is kinda large and cumbersome and the iPhone is a little too small), but that’s pretty much it. Speaking of iBooks, am I really supposed to be stoked about the new scrolling feature? I like the page turning “animation” and the counter that tells me how many pages are left. Those things mimic the experience of reading a book. The scrolling feature mimics reading online. I thought the whole point of iBooks was to mimic the experience of reading a book, or am I remembering that wrong?

(In the spirit of full disclosure, when the iPad was first announced my reaction was “why?” I thought it was just a giant iPhone that didn’t make phone calls. But then I saw one demoed and my reaction was “want.” So my parents gave me one for my birthday two years ago because they are awesome :))

I just remembered that I didn’t set an alarm last night and now I can’t stop smiling. The best part of being an unemployed hermit is that there aren’t generally a lot of demands on my time. But I normally set an alarm before I go to bed because I like setting myself up for failure. But yesterday I decided that I would let my body tell me when to get up today. So my body let me sleep for 10 hours. Which isn’t really the best plan, to be honest. Maybe that’s why I try to make myself get up with an alarm. Oh well, I felt really good when I woke up, which is more than can be said most days.

Okay, that got more negative than I had intended it to be. (Ain’t that the story of my life?)

Until tomorrow.


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