Today is the wrong day for the post in my head. I watched maybe a minute of news coverage today (more on that in a minute), but I was on Twitter all day. And so much of what I saw was heartbreaking. And horrifying. And that was before the worst of the storm hit.

And now for a short rant. I’m at my parents’ house (they got home yesterday) and my dad flipped to BayNews9 to see the weather about an hour ago. And I got so mad at the weatherman. To hear him tell it, Connecticut, Long Island, and NYC were being swamped and, oh yeah, Jersey too, I guess, a little bit. As if the storm hadn’t Made Landfall in South Jersey. What a douchebag. Yes, everything I’ve seen from New York is crazy, but the same can be said for the Jersey Shore. Grr. I wouldn’t have gotten angry if he hadn’t downplayed the impacts on Jersey. Anyways…

My thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm. Stay smart, stay safe, and be well.

Until tomorrow.


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