I had a plan for tonight’s post, but now I’m too cranky, angry, and depressed after watching the fucking Giants win the fucking World Series to write it. Turns out watching Once Upon a Time wasn’t enough to make this bearable. For God’s sake, Hunter fucking Pence now has as many World Series rings as Chase Utley and more than Roy Halladay. That is disgusting. (I can’t get over just how much this postseason made me hate Pence.)

And this was after watching a fucking joke of an Eagles game. I can only hope that Jeffrey Lurie will finally fire Andy Reid.

And, of course, pretty much every single person I care about is in the path of the hurricane/nor’easter/super cyclone. (I don’t even know what a super cyclone is, but John Bolaris keeps saying it in tweets and it sounds scary as hell.) If you’re in the path of the storm, please stay safe and don’t do anything stupid.

Yep, today fucking sucked.

Until tomorrow.

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