Stiff And Sore

Holy mother of God, my neck and shoulders are so ridiculously sore; I can’t even begin to explain it. The stiffness subsided as the day went on, but the soreness never did. It was so bad this morning, though, that I couldn’t even touch my chin to my chest. (By the by, difficulty touching one’s chin to one’s chest is a symptom of meningitis. Did you know that? I never really thought I had meningitis, though.)

I’m not really sure what caused it, but I think it might be the pillow I’m using at my parents’ house. My mom bought me a new pillow today. Isn’t she nice? I’m hopeful that when I wake up tomorrow morning I won’t feel as bad as I did today. I’m really not sure I can take another day of this. So, fingers crossed.

Until tomorrow.


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