Oh Happy Day?

When I woke up I never imagined that the networks would call the presidential election at 11:15 PM EST. But they did. And it was awesome.

Of course, it’s an hour later and Romney is refusing to concede Ohio and Fox News has apparently become some kind of crazy, surreal theatre piece. (I don’t care how funny Twitter says it is, I don’t watch Fox News.)

But I’m feeling pretty awesome about the outcome of the presidential race 🙂

The worst part was finding out that a couple of baseball players I like disagree with my politics 😦 But all in all, that’s not so bad.

In other awesome election news, Bill Nelson defeated Connie Mack IV to retain his Senate seat. And in races outside of Florida, Elizabeth Warren won and both of the creepy rape guys lost. Plus, Maryland voted for marriage equality and Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana. Way to go, guys 🙂

Oh, and I learned a cool thing about Hillsborough County via Nate Silver’s blog at the New York Times. Historically, it has been the bellwether of Florida in presidential elections. That’s pretty cool. Although I think it’s weird that I’ve lived here for four years and I needed Nate Silver to tell me that. Silly Tampa news media should make a big deal about that.

Okay, time to drink more champagne and then go to bed 🙂

Until tomorrow.


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