I just got home from watching Bayside and Taking Back Sunday in St. Pete. (Transit played as well, but I saw exactly none of their set and I’m okay with that.) It was so much fun! I’m really glad I went.

For some weird reason, I was always kind of iffy about this show. I mean, I was stoked when it was announced, but I seriously considered not getting tickets (and not just for money-saving reasons). In the end, it was Bayside’s presence on the bill that decided me. I’ve really fallen in love with them in the past year but I hadn’t seen them live yet. Even so, I was undecided whether I’d actually go up until about 2 this afternoon. I dunno why; maybe my hermit tendencies are really taking over.

But, like I said, I’m glad I went. I’d forgotten how fun it is to get dressed “up” and go out somewhere fun with lots of people my age. Plus, fun rock show, yay! If I hadn’t gone to this show, Chicago would’ve been my only concert this year. Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se, but it would’ve bummed me out.

Wanna hear something weird? I think I saw someone I actually know at the show. I was so shocked that I didn’t say anything and then it was too late. So I just stayed in my little corner of the deck and scanned the crowd a lot. I didn’t see her again, but I did see Eddie Reyes from Taking Back Sunday wandering through the crowd, so that was cool.

The show was at an outdoor venue called Jannus Live. It was called Jannus Landing the last time I was there and it has clearly gone through a major renovation. It’s much nicer than I remember it being. Of course, it was only like 60 degrees tonight. But that just meant I got to wear layers (including a sweater) and boots, so it was actually kind of awesome 🙂

So thanks Bayside and Taking Back Sunday for an awesome night! And thanks whatever spirit inspired me to go.

Until tomorrow.

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