Yeah, So

I think that I may have screwed up more than just my sleep schedule. I think I also screwed up my eating schedule. Yay.

I ate at weird times yesterday because I overslept and then I stopped at McDonald’s on my way to St. Pete (which was a terrible drive-thru experience that I never want to repeat). And then just to really screw with my system I stopped at a different McDonald’s on my way home to get a strawberry shake. At about midnight.

Okay, the shake was delicious. I can’t really regret that particular decision. Even though I knew at the time that it was a bad one.

So today didn’t start out that great because I overslept again. But I ate at, like, 12:30 and then at 4:30, so that was good. But then I didn’t eat again until after 10, which isn’t so good. Somehow 8:30 came and went without me eating. And then I was hungry at 9-ish but I wanted to wait until I finished what I was working on. And then somehow it was after 10, but I only noticed the time because I was getting kind of light-headed. Yay again.

I hope this is just some kind of fluke because I really do try to eat at regular intervals. Science says small meals every 3-5 hours, right?

Until tomorrow.


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