I Know Myself So Well

And that can be a really good thing.

Take this evening, for instance. My usual schedule was messed up because ABC decided to air the American Music Awards instead of Once Upon a Time. So I decided to read instead. (As predicted yesterday, I’m now re-reading The Host because my impulse control is nonexistent.)

I lost track of time while reading, so you can imagine my surprise when my phone started making noise at me. My phone was making noise because it was 10 PM and I had set a reminder that I needed to do something for one of my classes. Specifically, I needed to compile my fellow group members’ answers to this past week’s “discussion questions” and post the compiled answers to the class discussion board. In the grand scheme of things it wouldn’t be a big deal if I missed the deadline (11:59 PM), but I would’ve been mad at myself and my fellow group members probably wouldn’t have been too keen either.

So, you see, it’s a very good thing that I set a reminder on Monday morning. I didn’t set the reminder because I thought I’d forget; I was just intending to “back-up” my memory. But since I actually forgot, said back-up was vital.

On a related note, I can’t say enough good things about the Reminders app in iOS. I use it every day; it’s one of my favorite iOS apps. I’ve nearly given up the habit of writing notes on my hands and arms now that I can use the Reminders app instead. (Let’s have a moment of silence for my pen-covered hands and arms, though; I miss them sometimes.)

Until tomorrow.


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