Leaving Through The Window

I was scrolling through my iTunes Library, trying to decide what to listen to, and eventually decided on Something Corporate’s Leaving Through the Window. It was a good decision 🙂

Actually, Leaving Through the Window is another record that celebrated a tenth anniversary this year, but for some reason that didn’t mess me up the way the Tell All Your Friends anniversary did. I wonder why that is. I mean, I actually bought LTTW before TAYF (though I bought each of them years after they were released). And it’s not like I don’t love LTTW. Maybe I just couldn’t stand to freak out over another tenth anniversary this year.

Something Corporate is another band that I completely slept on that I now adore. And I mean completely slept on; they had broken up or were on hiatus or whatever by the time I got into them. Which was all Jack’s Mannequin’s fault, by the by. I fell in love with the first Jack’s Mannequin record, Everything In Transit, and wanted more stuff by Andrew McMahon. Luckily, there was SoCo’s entire discography just waiting for me. Plus, I knew I liked “Space” and “If You C Jordan.”

I bought Leaving Through the Window first and loved it instantly. I mean, who doesn’t love piano rock? I bought North eventually. And later lamented the fact that I had never seen them live and likely would never get that chance. I couldn’t have foreseen that they’d reunite in 2010 and I’d get to see them in Philly – woohoo!

Did you know that Leaving Through the Window was getting the vinyl re-release treatment? I’m fairly certain they’re being released tomorrow. All I really know is that I (hopefully) pre-ordered it from Andrew’s web store. (Unsurprisingly, the pre-order of the 500-copy limited edition vinyl gave the store fits. But I think I was able to successfully give them my information. I have a confirmation number. Fingers crossed that I will actually get the vinyl.)

Alright, I can’t end on a slightly down note. I’m talking about Leaving Through the Window here; there’s so much awesome. Like, for instance, “I Woke Up In a Car.”

Until tomorrow.


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