I’m not sure which is worse: that I watched Liz and Dick in its entirety or that, after starting it in the middle, I decided to watch the first hour anyway (thanks, Lifetime, for immediately replaying it and allowing me to make that questionable decision).

I don’t even know where to begin. I’m fairly certain that it gave me a headache. At least the clothes were mostly awesome 🙂

I think the decision to pretty much eschew exposition was questionable at best. I’m not sure that Elizabeth Taylor is as well-known as Lifetime thinks she is. I remember how I found out that she died: I was (actually) working and one of my coworkers said something about her dying and another coworker said, “who’s Elizabeth Taylor?” At the time I didn’t believe it was possible to live 20+ years without knowing who Elizabeth Taylor was, but I guess it’s not really that inconceivable. My point, though, is that it might have behooved Liz and Dick to make certain details crystal clear. Like the fact that she was married to Eddie Fisher when she and Richard Burton met on the set of Cleopatra.

Anyways, this is a whole lot of words on Liz and Dick. Especially considering that I had no intention of watching it until I put it on. I can only hope that I will have something more worthwhile to write about tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.

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