Will This Week Just End Already?

For serious, this is a terrible week to be a Philly sports fan. The Eagles suck. The Sixers are meh. The Flyers aren’t playing. And all of this after an extremely frustrating Phillies season. But hey, did ya know that the Phillies won a game more recently than the Eagles??

(If you’re a Philly sports fan, I apologize for being the asshole bringing that up. Again.)

And then there’s the news about players. DeSean Jackson is probably out for the season. The Eagles released Jason Babin. (Okay, I actually welcomed that news because eff that guy.) And then my beloved Chooch. Suspended 25 games for testing positive for Adderall for the second time. Say it ain’t so, Chooch!!

Then news broke today that the Phillies were working on a deal with the Astros for Wilton Lopez. Supposedly the deal involved two Phillies prospects, but no names were floated that I saw. And now it is hours later and the deal seems to be stagnating. I’ve seen nothing but fan speculation about it recently. I hate not knowing all the details; it makes me feel antsy and uncomfortable. (What do you expect? I’m a control freak enthusiast.)

So yeah, this week can’t end fast enough as far as I’m concerned. I don’t need any more shitty sports news.

Until tomorrow.


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