Free Tech Support Available Here

But only if we’re related.

I spent at least 20 minutes helping my dad adjust to iTunes 11 this evening. The first half of the phone call was devoted to telling him where he could find the various things that used to be in the left sidebar. I felt pretty good about my efforts, too. First of all, he was angry at iTunes when he called, but I managed to talk him off the ledge. Second, I did most of my “tour guiding” from memory even though I’d barely used iTunes 11 today.

I spent the second half of the call telling him how to turn an mp3 into a ringtone. This was trickier since I hadn’t done it in four years. I found a how-to on Mashable (dated but still helpful) and was able to walk him through it. I have no idea what made him ask about ringtones, but I’m glad he did. Truth be told, I’m getting a little tired of the ringtone I made in 2008 (the chorus of Jack’s Mannequin’s “Cell Phone”). I’m going to have so much fun making custom ringtones out of Brand New songs.

I can’t wait until my mom calls needing help with iTunes 11 🙂

Until tomorrow.


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