Best Ever

This is amazing. Everyone’s favorite Twitter parody/troll/troll-bashing account, FanSince09, was profiled on Slate today.

I about died when I read it. The thing that really surprised me is that the person behind the account actually broke character in the interview and discussed “the persona.” I appreciated it, but at the same time, I was a little disappointed. (Why yes, “conflicted” is my middle name. How did you know?) But the rest of it is pure gold. And I would buy a FanSince09 book called Atlas Shook His Damn Head.

I do want to make one thing abundantly clear, though. FS09’s retweets are not limited to Philly people; he’s retweeting people from everywhere. I’m only emphasizing this because the Slate tab still open in my browser says “Obnoxious Philly sports fans say ridiculous things,” but it’s really everyone. Hell, he mined the wannabe secessionists for retweets for days post-election and most of those people were not in Philly. Also, a lot of them wanted to “succeed” from the country, which makes me think that their new country would have some problems getting off the ground.

Seriously though, follow FanSince09 on Twitter. Come for the Philly sports, stay for the racist morons. I’ll be honest, sometimes the retweets kill my soul (I tend to skip past those), but sometimes they’re hilarious. Like today, for instance, when people took to Twitter to profess their undying hatred of the Japanese/the Chinese/all Asians because of the attack on Pearl/Peral/Perl Harbor. I do find myself hoping that most of these people don’t reproduce.

Whoops, I got all verbose again. My bad.

Until tomorrow.


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