Remember last week when I contrasted my wonderful experience at the UPS Store with my hellish experience at the post office? (Yes, hellish. I hate slow-moving lines. And my years in retail taught me to despise checkout counters that aren’t fully staffed and make no move to become fully staffed when there’s a line. Especially during a busy season like two weeks before Christmas. It’s not exactly rocket science.)

Well, UPS wins again because Amazon has already received the package of books I was selling back, looked through them to check their condition, and deposited the gift card into my account. Meanwhile, I have yet to receive confirmation that the rented book I was returning via USPS was received. The one nice thing about having to stand in an interminable line to just drop off the damn package was that the lady gave me a receipt to prove I sent it. So if the package gets lost (which I think is highly probable), at least it won’t be on me; I postmarked the package within the required timeframe.

I’m pretty excited about the gift card, too; it’s a decent chunk of change. I already know some of the books I’m going to buy 🙂 It’ll be like an extended Christmas. (I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of Christmas is the day after when I start buying myself fun stuff with the cash and gift cards that I receive.)

I’d be more stressed out about Christmas right now if I hadn’t wrapped (almost) all of my Christmas gifts today. But I did and they look good 🙂 It’s a fairly decent pile considering how broke I am.

Until tomorrow.


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