What Attitude Of Gratitude?

I looked online for my final semester grades today. (I wasn’t sure what I’d gotten in one class because the professor took the BlackBoard page offline without first grading our final papers.) I had all A’s. In fact, my grades were A+, A, and A-.

This means that I got an A in every grad school class I took 🙂 You’d think that would mean that I graduated with a 4.0, right? Well, you’d be wrong. I graduated with a 3.95 because of a couple of A- grades.

And how messed up is that? In what world is an A- materially worse than an A? Because that’s a stupid world.

So yeah, today I’m having trouble feeling grateful because this grade thing is bothering me. It just feels so stupid and unfair. And maybe I should get over myself and stop whining about a GPA that’s 0.05 away from being perfect. But y’know what, no, I won’t. I’ve always been good at school; it’s always been easy for me, and, therefore, I’m entitled to whine about things like this. After all, I graduated from high school 14 years ago and I’m still bitter that our valedictorian got a “scholarship” of several hundred dollars while our salutatorian (me) got jack shit. That will never stop being unfair to me. Anyways…

I think this was quite enough of a peek inside my head for one day.

Until tomorrow.


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