Worn Out

I’ve been at my parents’ house for a week now. I really, really ought to go home. But I had to stick around today to sign for and set up the Apple TV they ordered. And tomorrow I have to help my dad with some demolition at the old church. (I get a free lunch out of it, too.)

But if I’m being honest, I would’ve preferred going home yesterday. I love my parents, but there is such a thing as too much family togetherness. I’m just so bad at saying “no” and sticking up for myself. Especially since they’re my parents. And they bought me an expensive Christmas present that I’m still feeling guilty about.

I don’t know how long tomorrow’s demo will last, but I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t go home afterwards. It’s a long drive and I like to avoid any chance of getting stuck in rush hour traffic, even if that means spending another night at my parents’ house. But I really do have to go home on Saturday.

Until tomorrow.


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