I think I’ve got more proof that baseball is my favorite sport.

I watched nearly every minute of postseason baseball this past season even though almost every series ended opposite the way I’d rooted for. Never mind the fact that I really shouldn’t have watched any of the league division series since I had a giant paper (COMPS) to research and write. And then, once baseball was well and truly over (stupid freaking Giants!), I followed trade rumors and all the hot stove action much closer than I had in years past. And did I ever celebrate when my parents told me we had spring training tickets 🙂

In the past I also threw myself into watching the football playoffs. And not just the game(s) the Eagles played, either. I watched every second of every game from the wildcard round to the Super Bowl. Now, this weekend happened to be the wildcard round of the football playoffs. Did I watch any football? Nope. In fact, I didn’t even know there was football until this afternoon, when I checked Twitter and most of my timeline was talking about the Colts-Ravens game.

I don’t think this was a product of the Eagles sucked this year malaise, either. I watched many playoff football games the Eagles weren’t in over the past 10 years. And if I didn’t watch games I was at least cognizant that they were being played. No, I think this just proves that I’m more into baseball than football.

I’m not saying that I’m over football. I’m not going to start calling it “handegg” and refusing to watch it. I’m just noting an interesting change that has occurred in my brain. (And I’m endlessly fascinated by changes in my brain.)

Until tomorrow.


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