Observations While Driving

I managed to leave my parents’ house and come home today. Hooray! That shouldn’t be impressive. And it wouldn’t be if not for the fact that I’d planned to leave on Friday and then, again, on Monday and never did. Third time’s the charm, right?

Anyways, I had thoughts while driving and managed to remember them for 12 whole hours so I could blog them. (Another thing that shouldn’t be impressive, but is.)

Technically, I didn’t have this first thought while driving (and you’ll understand why in a second), but it counts anyway. I hate Florida gas stations. I mean hate. Why are they all so bound and determined to make me stand there and hold the stupid nozzle? Gas pump nozzles are actually designed to hold themselves in the proper fuel-dispensing position, but most gas stations in Florida actually went to the trouble of having the little piece of metal that holds the trigger part of the nozzle in place removed. What the hell is that about?

Look, I know that you’re not supposed to leave the pump “unattended” while fueling your vehicle, but screw that noise. Have you ever gotten gas on a cold, windy day? I would’ve killed myself if I’d had to stand in the cold wind the entire time it took to fill up my gas tank.

The other problem, of course, is that I’m used to having the little metal piece on the handle that catches the trigger; the lack of said piece really screws me up. I’ve lived in Florida for nigh on to five years now (yuck) and I still get angry when I have to stand there and hold the damn trigger like I couldn’t be using that time more productively.

On a completely different note, my other major observation (that actually occurred while driving) is that “Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms may be my very favorite 90s song.

(Side note: Finding that video on YouTube was the very first time I ever saw it. Have I mentioned that we didn’t have cable?)

I mean, I’ve always loved that song. Even the first several times I heard it on Y100 when I was positive that it was called “Hey Jesse” 🙂 But I got really, really happy when it came on Lithium this morning. And I turned up the volume and started dancing in my seat and singing my head off. So yeah, it might just be my favorite 90s song. Which is kinda surprising, and yet not.

Until tomorrow.


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