Kristin Ranks Things

Welcome to the first (and, potentially, only) installment of Kristin Ranks Things. Today I am ranking Chex cereal varieties.

My official rankings are as follows:

  1. Wheat
  2. Rice
  3. Double
  4. Corn

Please note that there are no other acceptable varieties of Chex. If it didn’t exist when I was little, then it has no value to me. (Yep, I grew up eating boring, “grownup” cereal. No fun, sugary cereals for us. At least, not very often. Do you remember those variety packs of single-serve cereal boxes? That was my idea of cereal heaven when I was a kid. And I always went straight for the Corn Pops.)

Do they even make Double Chex anymore? That was an awesome cereal. It was Chex, but also sugary.

This entire post was brought to you by the bowl of Rice Chex I just had. I would’ve preferred Wheat Chex (see above), but I thought I should save some for my parents. After all, they bought the Wheat Chex, they should get to eat at least a bowl each, right?

I am totally buying Wheat Chex on my way home.

Until tomorrow.


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