Friday List

You know the drill. Here are some things I found on the Internet in the past week that I found interesting or informative or just plain awesome.

  • In the song-I’ve-been-listening-to-a-lot-this-week category, we have “Four Simple Words” by Frank Turner. God knows the future freaks me out and I have no real desire for time to speed up, but I cannot wait for Frank’s new record.
  • In the interesting-piece-of-prognostication category, we have 1967’s vision of the early 21st century as presented by Walter Cronkite. Some of it is pretty spot-on. I don’t remember how I found it, but I should look into it some more. I mean, why was Walter Cronkite showing the living room of 2001?
  • In the incredibly-important-for-Eagles-fans category, we have Cranekicker’s last post on ZooWithRoy. I wholeheartedly support CK’s effort to have the Eagles bring back kelly green uniforms (and not just for throwback games). So much so that I signed the petition that’s linked from the post. And you should too.

In things that made me happy but aren’t on the Internet news, I watched two of my favorite movies on TCM this evening: The Adventures of Robin Hood and Captain Blood. I like Robin Hood more than Captain Blood, but they’re both awesome. I mean, a swashbuckling Errol Flynn romances Olivia de Havilland. What’s not to love?

Until tomorrow.


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