Friday Faves

I’ve got some good stuff this week, you guys.

  • In the potentially-irresponsible-reporting category, we have people reporting that Brand New might just put out new music this summer. I kinda freaked out when I read the headline of that Radio 104.5 post but then I read the article and was knocked back down to earth. I couldn’t believe that anyone was actually reporting a new Brand New record based on a now-deleted tweet from some guy who claimed to have spoken to Jesse Lacey at the Shone show. And now I’m sharing the link, so am I any better? I just couldn’t let it go without discussing it a little. I think I’m trying to will a new Brand New record into existence.
  • In the aww-yeah-my-alma-mater-rules category, the hottest college of 2013 is Indiana University of Pennsylvania! I’m so proud 🙂 Two of my friends (fellow super-hot IUP alumni) shared the link on Facebook this afternoon and I had to read it immediately. Didja know that IUP was the top party school in the country 20 years ago? And now we’re the hottest college. But I will still have to explain the name of the school (no, it has nothing to do with the state of Indiana or any university there) in every job interview I ever have; it’s just not fair.
  • In the weekly-adorable-animal category, we have Casanova, the Adventure Aquarium’s new baby penguin. The aquarium hasn’t set up a live stream of Casanova (if only!), but the video on is face-meltingly cute.

In other news, I came up to my parents’ house yesterday. (I had to come up, there are fastnachts.) I stopped at the second Tampa Wawa (the one near USF) on my way. Let’s think about this story for a second. I stopped at Wawa on my way to my parents’ house to get fastnachts. It’s like I’m living in PA or something; it’s insane.

I (finally) got a meatball hoagie at Wawa and asked the cashier about soft pretzels. I intend to harass Wawa employees about soft pretzels until they get them or I leave, whichever comes first. (Oh please let it be me leaving.) I’m so glad that Wawa is here but they’re not really Wawas until they have pretzels.

Until tomorrow.


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