Hip Hip Hooray

You will never believe what I just did. I applied for a job! A job in Philly that sounds cool! So I would appreciate whatever positive vibes you want to send my way.

I’m excited about the job but also really, really nervous. It will suck if they don’t like me, but if they do like me I’ll have to go through an interview and all that crap. But a job interview is actually a good problem to have, right? So if I have my choice I’ll take that one.

You know what’s terrifying, though? Having an entire section of your resume devoted to your great attention to detail. Because having a typo or other error on a resume is always bad, so imagine how much worse I’d look if I claim “attention to detail” as one of my greatest skills and have a typo or something. I’d look like a giant liar. But I really wanted to get my resume submitted today so I couldn’t afford to be paralyzed by fear of typos. My parents looked at it, I looked at it a lot, I have to believe that it is typo- and error-free.

(See why I need positive vibes so badly?)

In other awesome news, the newest version of MLB’s At Bat app was (finally) released today. It’s a good thing, too, since spring training games start tomorrow! I haven’t had time to really play around with it because of the very important job-hunting work I was doing, but I know I’ll become very familiar with it very soon. I really am so very excited about the At Bat app and MLB.tv and being able to watch some friggin’ baseball (baseball that doesn’t count for anything but whatever, baseball!). I’m totally going to reward myself with some baseball watching tomorrow 🙂

Yep, today was pretty good. And hopefully it will lead to better things.

Until tomorrow.


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