Observations From The Sick Bed

I suppose that sounds a bit melodramatic because it’s not like I was dying or anything, but whatever.

First, I owe Puffs Plus an apology. I once complained about only having Puffs Plus in the house, but it turns out Puffs Plus are really good tissues to have when you’re blowing your nose a lot. I used so many tissues while sick that I filled my office trashcan and yet my nose was never red or raw or sore. That was awesome.

I think this other one is really specific (to me), but I’m gonna say it anyway: I fear showering when I’m sick. I think normal people like to shower while sick because who wants to feel dirty on top of feeling sick? Not me. And yet I avoid showering when my nose is stuffed up. (And this is where it gets very specific to me.) Have you ever experienced something like heat exhaustion in the shower? It happens to me a lot. If the shower gets too steamy I start to feel nauseous and light-headed, I get a headache, and I generally feel like I’m going to die. It isn’t fun. And that can happen on a good day. So imagine how much worse it can be on days when I can’t breathe properly even before the hot water starts flowing. The point of this is that I had to convince myself to take a shower this morning even though I felt gross (as in dirty). I made it through the shower without any real problems, too, so I was able to face the day fresh and clean for the first time since I got sick. I think it had a positive impact on my day, too 🙂

Until tomorrow.

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