Month In Review: February

I didn’t think last month’s review was going to be particularly good, but it turned out better than expected. This month, however, I know is going to be ugly. I can (and will) make lots of excuses for myself under the heading of “extenuating circumstances,” but the point is to improve month-over-month, not regress wildly. Yay.

  • Read every day. Well, I’m off to a good start anyway. I have room for improvement, though, in that it would be great if I picked up Team of Rivals more than once a month. At the very least I would like to get out of chapter two before, say, Easter.
  • Blog every day. Okay, I’m two-for-two. Once again, I have to thank God for the WordPress iPad app because if it weren’t for the app extenuating circumstances would’ve come into play.
  • Exercise every day. And this is where everything collapses down around my ears. Extenuating circumstances don’t really come into play here, either, because I stopped exercising long before I got sick.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. Extenuating circumstances only go so far with this one, too. I’m good about brushing my teeth when I’m home, but when I’m not home it all goes to hell. I wish I knew why, but I don’t.
  • Stop drinking soda. I’ve been good with this one and I don’t even have to resort to extenuating circumstances. I thought about buying ginger ale when I was sick, but that would’ve meant getting dressed and leaving the house and it just felt like too much work; much easier to stay on the couch watching movies and baseball.
  • Break out of my comfort zone. I did some things outside of my comfort zone (applying for a job being the biggest), but not really enough. This month was an improvement over last month, though.

Okay, that’s better than I thought it’d be. But it’s still pretty ugly. Especially since “extenuating circumstances” don’t help as much as I’d thought they would.

Obviously, the best part of February for me was the start of Spring Training games. But here’s a non-baseball thought that’s been bouncing around in my head for the past few days: while I was sick I got an email from Brand New about a sale in their online store. (It’s actually good that I didn’t see the email until after the sale ended because otherwise I’d have stressed myself out trying to rationalize buying a bunch of shirts that I don’t need and can’t afford.) But why is Brand New even having a sale in their online store? I’ve seen other bands have online merch sales, but never Brand New. So why do it now? Are they trying to clear some inventory to make room for new stuff? Stuff like, say, a new record, a Deja Entendu (vinyl) re-release, and/or the new merch designs that go along with a new tour? (Please, please, please let it be “all of the above.”) Maybe it’s not smart, but I have to read between the lines of this random sale. I have to. And it presages good things.

Until tomorrow.


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