Happy Grammar Day

It’s National Grammar Day, you guys. (Or at least it is for another 18 minutes as I write this :)) This is a big deal for me because I like grammar; in fact, I’m a self-proclaimed grammar snob. You might not know that about me because I don’t worry about always using correct grammar on my blog, but it’s true.

Even though I am a grammar snob, I freely admit that there are things I don’t know, such as the difference between lay and lie. This knowledge of my own shortcomings is the reason why I never correct others’ spelling and grammar on the Internet. (Also, I dislike confrontation so why go looking for one? And I don’t really want to be that guy, y’know?). Of course, I notice others’ spelling and grammar mistakes on the Internet and it can affect my view of the person making the mistake. (Look, I’m a judgmental b***h, I can’t help it.) Or sometimes the errors make me cringe and weep for the future (like when my cousin, a high school science teacher, uses apostrophes in plurals on her blog).

The link above is to the National Grammar Day Website. It has a lot of great information about the “holiday” along with links to a bunch of blog posts and news articles about it. I recommend the piece from the Baltimore Sun entitled “Good Grammar Doesn’t Entitle You to Be Smug,” the “7 Sentences that Sound Crazy but are Still Grammatical” from Mental Floss, and the entries in Grammarly‘s National Grammar Day Photo Contest. Another interesting resource that Grammar Girl tweeted a link to but I can’t find on the National Grammar Day site is this sentence diagramming instruction. Of course, I was one of those weird kids who enjoyed diagramming sentences in grade school, so you may not find it interesting.

Until tomorrow.


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