New Music Monday

Well, Dallas Green didn’t make fans wait long. City and Colour posted a new song, “Of Space and Time” on SoundCloud today. It’s the song that was in yesterday’s teaser and I am digging it. Still no release date other than Summer 2013, but that’s cool. It’s more than I knew yesterday 🙂

And as if a new City and Colour song wasn’t enough, Matt Nathanson posted a new song on YouTube today. It’s called “Mission Bells” and is also quite good. It looks like his new record is also coming out this summer. Maybe he’ll tour with Matchbox Twenty; that would be phenomenal.

I know I say this a lot, but Brand New has something cooking; I can feel it. Today they announced that they’re playing Reading and Leeds this summer. (Apparently it was Reading and Leeds announcement day; Frank Turner and City and Colour also announced their participation.) Not that I’m going (if only), but booking shows is a positive. Of course, I put a positive spin on every piece of Brand New news, but I am remaining optomistic about LP5.

Until tomorrow.


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