Bad Timing

I knew better than to open the BuzzFeed app at 1:30 in the morning, but I did it anyway. And suddenly it was 2:30 AM and I was still awake. Oh, how I wanted to hit the snooze button this morning. I didn’t, though. (Yay me!)

And of course I got no sleep the night after my coffeemaker demanded that I “descale” it, whatever that means. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Website said descaling solution was available at my local store so I drove over there this morning. But I couldn’t find the descaling stuff so I drove home (angry at my wasted trip) and ordered it from Amazon. Supposedly it will be here on Friday. I don’t know what I’m going to do for coffee in the interim, though. There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts about a mile from my house, but it seems silly to drive there and I don’t really want to walk. And Starbucks is two miles away, which is simultaneously easier and harder to justify the drive.

Am I going to have to go without caffeine for the next two days? Horrors. Coffee is basically my only source of caffeine since I don’t drink soda anymore and all the tea bags in my house are decaf (which never seemed like a bad idea until just now).

Here’s a novel thought: I should stop thinking about this and just go to bed. Maybe I wouldn’t need the caffeine if I got a decent amount of sleep.

Until tomorrow.


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