Yesterday’s post was basically me complaining about my lack of sleep the night before. So of course my sleep was even worse last night.

It started out promisingly enough. I went to bed at 1 AM (which is downright early for me) and fell asleep pretty quickly. But then I woke up at 5 because I felt like death warmed over. And even after I took some Advil and started to feel better I still couldn’t go back to sleep. I must have fallen asleep eventually, though, because I was asleep when my alarm clock went off. I thought I deserved to sleep in after everything, though, so I did.

And now that I’ve complained about it here I’m sure tonight will be even worse. Especially since my alarm is set for 5. I’m starting a temp job on Monday and I need to start making myself get up at an ungodly hour to prepare. It’s the job I referenced on Friday and I’m stoked to have an income. Not an income that would actually support me, of course, but an income that allows me to buy non-necessities without hating myself. And I know I’m being flippant, but I realize how lucky I am; this gig pays a lot more than minimum wage.

At least I was able to celebrate Pi Day with pie this year 🙂

Until tomorrow.


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