Friday List: Cute Edition

I was saving some stuff specifically to use in this week’s list, but it will have to wait. Today’s list is dedicated to cuteness because I’m still kind of shaken up from the near-miss I had while driving today. Some crazy person (probably not sober) was riding his bike back and forth across eight (8!) lanes of traffic. I would’ve hit him if I hadn’t slammed on my brakes (which is the not-fun way to burn rubber). Thank God I didn’t hit him and thank God nobody hit me. And thank you, Jezebel and BuzzFeed, for giving me cute things to calm me down.

  • First up, we have Tom Hardy nuzzling a puppy. “Tom Hardy nuzzling a puppy” may be the most squee-inducing sentence in the English language. And it’s not just any puppy, it’s a super-adorable pit bull puppy.
  • Next, we have a video of a cyclist giving a koala a drink from his water bottle. Who doesn’t love koalas? And the cyclist got to scratch his little koala head! So cute.
  • In honor of the day, we have the story of Julius Caesar as told by sloths. Who can beware the Ides of March when sloths are involved?
  • I realize that Pi Day was yesterday (and I exercised a lot of restraint in not linking this yesterday), but we end with BuzzFeed’s argument that Pushing Daisies is pie porn. I’ve mentioned my love of Pushing Daisies (and Lee Pace) before. You should really watch that show. Or just stare at those GIFs of Lee Pace being (seriously) adorable forever.

Okay, I feel much better now. I hope y’all had a less nerve-wracking day than I did. But if your day sucked too, I hope these things cheer you up as much as they helped me.

Until tomorrow.


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